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Becoming Supernatural

These are some of my notes, personal thoughts and experiences on the book Becoming Supernatural. How Common People Are Doing The Uncommon by Joe Dispenza.

I REALLY enjoyed this book and I think it may be one of the most impactful books that I've ever read. I read it three, back to back so that I could absorb as much as possible.

This isn't a book review!

Becoming Supernatural

For ease of reading these are the topics I found most intriguing:

Neural Networks and Memories

If you want to heal and create new opportunities. You must master the eternal now.

Turn possibility into reality. Forget who you are and how you think the world works.

When any neurological tissue in the brain/body is activated, it creates mind. The mind is the brain in action. A simplified example of this is how you have a specific mind to drive your car. You have another mind to make a cup of tea. You have a different mind when you exercise. You use a specific level of mind to execute each of those complex functions because you’ve done each of those tasks thousands of times. Your brain turns on in a very specific way when you engage in those activities.

For example: When your brain is in active when you are driving... you are turning on a specific sequence, pattern, and combination of neurological networks. Neural networks are clusters of neurons that work together. Think of it as a software program or a macro. You've done this action so many times that you have these pathways (programs.)

Essentially, the neurons that fire together to accomplish the task become more wired


As you consciously choose to make a cup of tea. You are automatically selecting and instructing those neurons in your brain to turn on to create a certain level of mind.

Generally speaking, your brain is a product of the past. It has been shaped and

molded by everything you have learned and experienced up to this point in your life.

Learning is when neurons in your brain assemble to form thousands of

synaptic connections and those connections then assemble into complex, three dimensional neurological networks. Learning is a software upgrade for the brain. When you pay attention to something and it makes sense to you, this interaction with the environment leaves biological impressions in your brain. When you experience something new, your senses start forming the neurological networks in your brain. More neurons come together to make even

more enriched connections, upgrading your brain even further.

Experiences enhance the brain circuitry and they also create emotions. Emotions as the chemical residue from past experiences. The stronger the emotional impact from an event in your life, the more the experience leaves a lasting impression in your brain. This is how memories are formed.

Learning = making new connections in your brain

Memories = maintain those connections.

When you repeat thought, choice, behavior, experience, or emotion... you will fire certain neurons and they will wire together.

Autopilot Makes for a Predictable Future

If you keep doing the same routine over and over it becomes a habit. A habit is a redundant set of automatic, unconscious thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that you acquire through frequent repetition. It means your body is now on autopilot, running a series of programs (from Neural Networks and Memories) and over time, your body becomes the mind.

You’ve done this routine so many times that your body automatically knows how to do certain things better than your brain or conscious mind. You just switch on the autopilot and go unconscious, which means the next day you will essentially do the same things all over again.

Cold showers have really made this point clear in my life. My body obviously prefers the comfortable route that it has known for the past 30 it takes no conscious effort to hop into the shower and have a nice steamy one. BUT taking a cold shower takes mental effort to get your body out of this autopilot program. You made the decision. Not your body.

Your body has the tendency of dragging you into the same predictable future based on what you have been repeatedly doing in the same familiar past.

You will think the same thoughts

and then make the same choices

that lead to the same behaviors

that create the same experiences

that produce the same emotions.

Over time, you’ve created a set of hardwired neurological networks in the brain

and you have emotionally conditioned your body to live in the past—and that

past becomes your future.

Immunoglobulin A (IgA)

In the winter of 2016, the author, Dr. Joe Dispenza, at one of his advanced workshop sessions performed a study on the effect elevated emotions had on immune

function. He took saliva samples from 117 test subjects at the start of the

workshop and then again four days later at the end of the workshop. He

measured immunoglobulin A (IgA) which is a protein marker for the strength of the

immune system.

IgA is an incredibly powerful chemical and one of the primary proteins

responsible for healthy immune function and the internal defense system.

It’s constantly fighting off bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other organisms that

invade or are already living within the body’s internal environment. IgA is better than any flu shot or immune system booster you could possibly take. When IgA is activated it is the primary internal defense system in the human body.

When stress levels (and levels of stress hormones like cortisol) go up, this lowers levels of IgA. The compromises and downregulates the immune system’s expression of the gene that makes the IgA protein.

During the four-day workshop, study participants were asked to move into

an elevated emotional state such as love, joy, inspiration, or gratitude for nine to

ten minutes three times a day.

They wanted to see if someone were to elevate our emotions.... could they boost their immune system? Rather, could the participant upregulate the genes for IgA simply by changing their emotional states?

The results indicated yes. Average IgA levels increased by 49.5 percent. The

normal range for IgA is from 37 to 87 milligrams per deciliter (mg/ dL), but

some people measured more than 100 mg/dL at the end of the workshop.

Many participants showed significant and measurable epigenetic changes without having

any experiences in their external environment. By going into states of elevated emotion, their bodies began to believe that they were in a new environment... so they were able to signal new genes and change their genetic expression. (the protein expression of the immune system).

Changing Your Energy: Combining a Clear Intention with Elevated Emotions

Once you are in present moment, where all possibilities exist in the quantum field, how do you turn one or more of those potentials, those immaterial possibilities, into reality in the three-dimensional world of matter?

This requires two things: a clear intention and elevated emotion.

Your clear intention = Be clear on what it is you want to create. You have to be specific and detailed.

My example: I want to create a woodshop so that I can start a woodworking business. Where is this woodshop going to be?

What is it going to have in it?

What sort of things will I create in there?

What are some of the materials that I will be working with? What are the tools will I use to create?

What sort of things will I have to build in the workshop to have a good workflow?

What are the detailed steps I will take to make the space useable? This list continues but the point is to be as detailed as possible. Assign a letter as a symbol of possibility to all those conditions.

Your thoughts, which make up your intention, are the electrical charge you are

sending out into the unified field.

Now you have to combine that intention with an elevated emotion, such as

love, gratitude, inspiration, joy, excitement, awe, or wonder, to name just a few


You have to tap into the feeling you anticipate you will have when

you manifest your intent, and then feel the emotion ahead of the experience.

The elevated emotion (which carries a higher energy) is the magnetic charge you are

sending out into the field. When you combine the electric charge (your intention) with the magnetic charge (elevated emotion) you will then create an electromagnetic signature that is equal to your state of being.

It’s this action that connects us to the unified field.

When you combine the electric charge that magnetic charge you create a new electromagnetic field. Since energy is frequency and all frequency carries information, it is that elevated energy that carries your thought or intention.

Remember: Those potentials in the quantum field exist only as

electromagnetic frequencies (frequencies with information) and you cannot

perceive them with your senses as matter yet.

The new electromagnetic signal you broadcast attracts those electromagnetic

frequencies in the field that are a vibrational match to it. When there’s a vibrational match between your energy and any potential that already exists in the unified field, you begin to draw that new experience to you. It will find you as you become the vortex to your future.

Elevated emotions are crucial for this to work. When you

decide to observe a future in the quantum field that you want to manifest... if

you’re doing it as a victim or as someone who’s suffering or feeling limited or

unhappy, your energy is not going to be consistent with your intended creation

and you won’t be able to call that new future to yourself. This is the past. You

may have a clear intention and therefore your mind may be in the future because

you can imagine what you want, but if you feel any of those familiar limited

emotions, your body still believes it’s in the same limited past experiences. You have to think greater than you feel.

Light and Information / Energy and Consciousness

This is not really an impactful concept but it is important to understand basically everything he is saying. I personally didn't study science so a lot of these concepts take a while to absorb for me. He talks a lot about light and information or energy and consciousness in this book. He states that everything in our known universe is made up of or emits either light and information or energy and consciousness—which are other ways of describing electromagnetic energy.

Example of radio waves:

Right now there are radio waves in the room you are sitting in. If you turned on your radio, you could tune it to a specific wavelength or signal. A little transducer in the radio would pick up that signal and turn it into sound that you could hear and understand as your favorite song, the news, or even a commercial. Just because you can’t see the radio waves in the air doesn’t mean they aren’t there, carrying distinct information on a specific frequency all the time. If you change the frequency a small degree and tune in to another station, a different message will be carried on that wavelength

In the entire spectrum of light...we can only perceive less than 1 percent(all of the colours we can see with our eyes). That means that the majority of frequencies are beyond our perception, and therefore most of our known reality in this universe cannot be experienced by our senses.

Light Particles in DNA Bio Photons

Biophotons are tiny low-intensity light particles that are stored within and emitted by all living things. German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp, Ph.D., has spent more than 30 years researching biophotons. Popp believes that the information contained in these light particles, which are stored in DNA, communicates extremely effectively with the cells of the organism, thus playing a vital role in regulating the organism’s function.

The more intense and coherent the biophoton emissions are the greater communication between cells and the healthier the organism. In order to sustain life and health, our cells communicate with each other by exchanging vital information transmitted on different frequencies of light. The reverse is also true.

What we learn in high school about how cells work is quite dated. Charged molecules attracting and repelling each other are not responsible for the way cells work. Instead, the electromagnetic energy that the cell emits and receives is the life force that governs those molecules.

We are beings of light, each radiating a very vital life force and expressing an actual light field around our bodies—the totality of each cell expressing and contributing to a vital field of light that carries a message.

The more we define reality with our senses and live our lives focusing primarily on the physical(the particle), the more we may be missing out on valuable information(the wave). When we narrow our focus on the matter, objects, things, people, and places in our outer world, the less able we are to sense those other frequencies that aren’t visible to the naked eye. And if we’re unaware of them, they do not exist to us.

It’s possible for you to tune in to certain frequencies around you, just like we tune into a radio station. When you close your eyes and sit still and eliminate the external environment (the static that normally keeps you from sensing those other frequencies), you can train yourself to get a clear signal and receive information from it. When you do this repeatedly, you tune in to a new level of light and information that you can use to influence or affect matter. And when you do that, your body experiences syntropy (enhanced order) instead of entropy (disorder, physical breakdown, and chaos).

Once you can quiet down your analytical, thinking mind and more readily tune in to this more orderly information, your body automatically responds by processing this new stream of consciousness and energy, thereby becoming more efficient, coherent, and healthy.

Energy Centers

I made separate book notes on each of the energy centers but I will attempt to distil it down to fundamental concepts here.

Where you place your attention is where you place your energy. As you place your attention in each center and your energy moves to it, each one of these individual centers begins to become activated.

Real Example: If you’re hungry and you’re thinking about what you’re going to eat, it’s no coincidence that your digestive juices turn on, you salivate, and your body prepares for the experience

of eating because energy is activating that area. This is a very basic example but it captures the essence of the concept. Your thinking becomes the experience. Each energy center produces its own chemical hormonal expression, which then activates the organs, tissues, and cells in each area. Each center has its own cluster of neurological networks...they are like mini brains. You have a thought and you make it more real than anything else.

You create neuro peptides which are assembled in the hypothalamus and are released out of the pituitary into the body. The neuro peptides activate a type of ligand called hormones (in these energy centers). Real quick, these are the energy centers. They are essentially the chakras but he calls them energy centers so that there is no religions connotation. He names seven energy centers:

Keep in mind that for each of these centers it is the gland, organ, plexus of nerves...all of the space in that area. So for the first energy center. I am not just talking about the sexual glands.

First Energy Center: Sexual glands.

Second Energy Center: Associated with digestion: connected to digestive glands.

Third Energy Center: Adrenal center. Dominance, fight or flight, our power

Forth Energy Center: Heart

Fifth Energy Center: Throat and Thyroid

Sixth Energy Center: Pineal Gland

Seventh Energy Center: Pituitary Each one of these centers has a level of mind, once activated it starts to broadcast energy into the field. If we keep living in the survival state we get addicted to certain emotions and we pay attention to those the most. We are turning on that stress responses and we cant turn it off. We start using up all of our energy. The incoherence from any one of these centers, lowers the frequencies and starts causing disease.

So can we do the opposite? Yes. Bless the centers for the greatest good and raise the frequency by putting information in those centers to cause coherence to begin to raise matter to a new frequency. We can entrain these centers with more order and coherence at a cellular level. You go from healthier cells to healthier tissues to healthy organs to healthier systems to a healthier body. Bless these centers with love, gratitude, joy, inspiration.

Atoms and the Quantum

The quantum field is one of the reoccurring terms of this book. To understand the quantum field it is helpful to revisit the possibilities that exist in the atom. When matter is reduced to its smallest unit of measurement, we get the atom. The atom vibrates at a very high frequency. Inside of the atom there is a nucleus and subatomic particles such as protons, neutrons, and electrons. For the most part, an atom is 99.999999999999 percent empty space(or energy).

The model we encounter in school makes it seems like the electrons move in a fixed rotation around the nucleus. It's not like that. The space around the nucleus is more like an invisible field or a cloud of information. All information is made up of light, frequency, and energy.

To understand just how small these subatomic particles are, if the nucleus of an atom were scaled up to the size of a Volkswagen Beetle, the size of the electron would be equal to the size of a pea. Here's the crazy part, the space where the electron could exist would be 85,000 square miles—that’s twice the size of Cuba. That’s a lot of empty space for the electron to exist in.

The electron is not always physical matter; rather, it exists as the energy or as the probability of a wave. It is only through the act of observation by an observer that it appears. Once an observer (mind) comes along and looks for it, the act of observation (directed energy) causes all that potential energy to collapse into an electron (matter); thus it manifests from a realm of infinite possibilities (an unknown) to a known. It becomes local in space and time.
When the observer is no longer observing it, the electron turns back into possibility—that’s the wave function. In other words, it turns back into energy, returning to the unknown and to its own agenda. When it turns back to energy and possibility, it becomes nonlocal.

In the quantum realm, mind and matter are indivisible. When we meditate and open our focus to infinite space, this is exactly what we are doing. We are putting more of our attention on energy, space, information, and possibility rather than on matter.

We are becoming less aware of the material realm and more aware of the immaterial

realm. We are investing our energy into the unpredictable and unknown and

disinvesting our attention and energy from the predictable and the known. Each

time we do this we develop a deeper understanding of what the unified field is.

Body is a Magnet

Magnets have polarity. Each has a north pole and a south pole; a positive charge and a negative charge. The polarity between the ends of a magnet is what causes the magnet to produce an electromagnetic field. The stronger the polarity between the two poles, the larger the electromagnetic field the magnet produces.

The strength of a magnet’s electromagnetic field can even influence matter. We see this in real life....when you put metal filings on a desk and put a magnet under the desk the filings rearrange. The electromagnetic field of the magnet is powerful enough to affect material reality—even though the frequency of this field exists beyond your senses.

Your north pole is your mind and brain, and your south pole is your body at the base of your spine. When you’re living by the hormones of stress (the emotions of survival) or when you’re overutilizing the first three energy centers, you are constantly drawing energy from this invisible field and storing it in these areas. It is not flowing. The charge isnt that electromagnetic energy cant be created. You're no longer a magnet...The body then becomes more matter and less energy (or more particle and less wave).

Mind Movies

I thought this part of the book was interesting. Picture a vision board....but turn it into a movie.

It's purpose is to help you:

1. Get clear on the intention you want to create in their future;

2. Program your conscious mind, and your unconscious mind, into that new future;

3. Change your brain and body to biologically look like the future has already happened;

4. Repeatedly associate those pictures and images with music to create new neural networks in the brain and to emotionally recondition the body to a new mind.

To create your mind movie: 1) Pick a song—one you wont get tired of listening to.

2) Choose images and/or videos of yourself or a or a future event and lay them out sequentially to tell a story of what your future looks like.

3)Come up with specific words, phrases, or affirmations to add to the scenes. Superimpose these over the images/video.

Mind Movies can program you to be unlimited in a life you are capable of creating. Possible affirmations:

The doors of dimension open to me so I may experience the mystical. My body is healing every day. My words are law. I feel loved deeply and daily. Wealth flows to me. All my needs are always met. My body becomes younger every day. The divine appears in my life every day. My life partner is my equal and teaches me by example. Synchronicities happen to me all of the time. I feel more whole every day. My immune system gets stronger each day. I lead with courage in my life. I am an unlimited genius. I am always aware of the power within me and all around me. I believe in myself. I embrace the unknown. When I call on Spirit it responds. To use your mind movie: Dr. Dispenzas method utilizes a video of a kaleidoscope before watching your mind movie. Kaleidoscopes put you into a more suggestive state. We are always looking for patterns and something familiar but Kaleidoscopes are random and abstract and it doesn't let the mind find anything familiar. This practice helps you get into the realm of the unknown an possibilities. Then you watch your mind movie.

You know when you hear a song that takes you to a place and time? You can relive that time and place internally.

Your body is the unconscious mind, it doesn’t know the difference between the experience that creates the emotion and the emotion you create by thought alone, in the present moment your body begins to believe it is living in that future reality.

The quote below could not have been paraphrased any better than it was written:

"Since the environment signals the gene, and emotions are the consequences of experiences in the environment, by embracing the emotions of the event before the actual experience, you begin to change your body to be biologically aligned to your future in the present moment. Since all genes make proteins and proteins are responsible for the structure and function of your body, your body begins to biologically change to look like your future is already happening. "

Space-time and Time-space

Physical things in your life only exist to you because you can see, hear, taste, smell, and feel them. If you lost your five would be incapable of experiencing these physical objects because you would have no awareness of them. In this three-dimensional reality you can’t experience physical things without your senses—but is this true?

In astrophysics, in this realm of three dimensions, there is an there’s an infinite amount of space...this is the known universe (space-time reality)

When we stare out into the universe... when we look up at the night sky, we see only a sliver of the universe. To us it appears to us as infinite and yet infinite is even bigger than that. In the realm of space-time, space is eternal—it has no end and goes on forever.

But what about time?

We experience time is by moving our bodies through space. If you're sitting down at your computer and you decide to go make a cup of tea. You had a thought which created a vision, you acted on the thought...consequently experiencing time by moving through space to go make the cup of tea. Distill this down even experienced a separation in consciousness. The consciousness of you sitting doing whatever it is that you were doing...and the consciousness of going to make a cup of tea. The faster you move through space the less time it will take.

What if you don't physically move? If I am sitting at my wood working bench drafting up a new idea...I don't physically have to move through space. The start of my drawing is one point of consciousness and the end of my drawing is another point of consciousness. The space between closing this gap between two points of consciousness is my experience of time.

Time- Space Time-space is the nonphysical quantum world—an inverse reality based on unknowns, endless possibilities, energy, and the multidimensional multiverse where we also live

(which consists of infinite time).

Most of our three-dimensional world is based on knowns. We’re keeping our attention on the physical particle (matter) instead of the immaterial wave of possibilities (energy). This is how we become immersed in this three-dimensional reality. Stress causes us to draw from the field. It makes us become more matter and less energy because we focus more on matter. It's good in survival situations but not all the time.

We obsess about our external world. If we don't step into the unknown then how can we expect changes in our lives. The quantum is an inward expression of the laws of nature: an invisible field of information and energy that unifies everything material. This immaterial field organizes, connects, and governs all the laws of nature. It is a dimension where there’s more time than space; in other words, it’s a dimension where time is eternal.

When we take our attention off people and things at certain places in our external world—no longer placing our attention on our body and ceasing to think about time and schedules—we become no body, no one, no thing, no where, and in no time. We do this through a process of disconnecting from our body, our identity, our gender, our disease, our name, our

problems, our personal relationships, our pain, our past, and so on. This is what

it means to get beyond the self: to go from the consciousness of some body to no

body, from the consciousness of some one to no one, from the consciousness of

some thing to no thing, from the consciousness of some where to no where, and

from the consciousness of being in some time to being in no time.

When we open our focus to energy and information different parts of the brain work together in harmony. The result of this unification of the brain is that we feel more whole.

As the autonomic nervous system becomes activated, its job is to restore order and balance, causing coherence and wholeness in our heart, brain, body, and energy field. This coherence is then reflected in all aspects of our biology. It is in this state where we begin to connect to the quantum (or unified) field.

Time is eternal. All possibilities are possible. When you collapse time you experience different dimensions and spaces in the internal present moment. You experience this beyond your senses.... not like how when you experience time with your senses.


In the quantum field there are no senses. No matter. No things. The bridge to the unified (quantum) field is the speed of light. When you become pure consciousness you cross the threshold from matter to energy.

What converts matter to energy is the speed of light. Anything material traveling faster than the speed of light leaves our 3 dimensional reality and turns into immaterial energy. In other words, in our three dimensional world the speed of light is the threshold for matter(anything physical) to retain it's form.

No “thing” can travel faster than the speed of light, not even information. Anything traveling from one point to another that is traveling slower than the speed of light is going to take time. The fourth dimension is time. Time is the nexus that connects the three-dimensional world to the fifth-dimensional world and beyond. Once something is traveling faster than the speed of light, there is no time or no separation between two points of consciousness because every “thing” material becomes energy. This is how you go from three dimensions to five dimensions.

Group Meditation can Change the Earth's Magnetic Field

This was just something I found interesting. The book states that group meditations of the right size with skilled meditators who change their emotions and energy have the ability to influence and create nonlocal, measurable effects on peace and global coherence. Pretty nuts. This is something that I do agree with. I am no master meditator but I do feel like the energy in my condo is a lot more peaceful when meditations are done.

7.83 Hertz

There are measurable electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere in the space between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. The ionosphere is an abundant layer of electrons, ionized atoms, and molecules that stretches from approximately 30 miles above the surface of the Earth to the edge of space, about 600 miles up. This region grows and shrinks based on solar conditions, and it’s a critical link in the chain of sun-Earth interactions.

These electromagnetic resonances were measured to be at a main frequency of 7.83 Hz.

You can think of this frequency as a tuning fork for life. It acts as a background frequency influencing the biological circuitry of the mammalian brain (the subconscious brain below the neocortex, which is also the home of the autonomic nervous system).

This frequency affects our bodies’ balance, health, and very nature as mammals. In fact, the absence of the this resonance can cause serious mental and physical health issues in the

human body.

The Earth’s electromagnetic field has been protecting and supporting all living things with this natural frequency of 7.83 Hz. It's basically the Earth’s heartbeat. The ancient Indians referred to this as OM, or the incarnation of pure sound. 7.83 Hz is also a very powerful frequency used with brain-wave entrainment, because it is associated with low levels of alpha and the upper range of theta brain-wave states. This range of brain waves allows us to get beyond the analytical mind and into the subconscious. This frequency has also been associated with high levels of suggestibility, meditation, increased human growth hormone levels, and increased cerebral blood-flow levels.

The Earth’s frequency and the brain’s frequency have very similar resonances. Our nervous system can be influenced by the Earth’s electromagnetic field. Maybe this is why getting out of the city and into nature provides such a calming effect.

This is not an impactful concept but it is a quote that stuck with me:

"True leadership doesn't need confirmation from others."

This is a truth of life.

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