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For Real This Time

Updated: May 21, 2021

This is my space for the things that I've created, things that I've learned and insights that I've attained on my pursuit of happiness, health and healing. I've had many websites before in the past but eventually I would stop putting energy into it because life things would happen. I'm in a good place now and this will be my outlet! So for reals this time. This will be something that keeps on evolving as I evolve.


I've always found woodworking to be a very therapeutic activity. Going from an idea in your head to a tangible creation is quite magical. It's a satisfying feeling to go through a process... from just a thought or an idea to a physical creation. II enjoy the process of visualizing, measuring, sketching, building and tweaking.

Nature and Gardening: My soul calls me to nature. There are countless lessons to be learned from nature. I believe that a lot of healing can happen if we fix our relationship with nature. My most profound revelations happened when I was deep in nature. Gardening is a beautiful bridge between nature and health. In 2020 I decided that I was going to cultivate a garden. It bought me a lot of joy and my parents also got into it as well. It was really nice sharing the experience with them. It is something that I will continue to do every year going forward.

Food / Nutrition

I throw it down in the kitchen from time to time. The things that's I enjoy about woodworking are the same things I enjoy about cooking. Working with the ingredients available to create a little masterpiece...that you can eat. I got this from my mother. She could whip up something that tastes incredible with whatever she had on hand. The other aspect of food that I explore more and more is nutrition. Everything we eat and drink eventually gets converted turn into "us" so this definitely garners more of my attention. I tried to be cognizant of my health or nutrition when I was younger but I still had much to learn. My health forced me to pay more attention to nutrition. I am always in the process of learning from reading and more importantly...from experience. I will share these insights here. As well as some YUMBEEE recipes.

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